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Members of DePaul University's Speech and Expression Task Force (FSAETF) gather in The Loop for their first meeting of 2017. Originally convened in 2006 by the Office of the President, the task force created a set of Guiding Principles on Speech and Expression and will complete its charge this academic year with 21 members from across the university. While the majority of the current members did not serve on the original task force, the composition remains largely the same: Chair, Faculty Council (4), Staff Council (4), Student Government Association (4), Student Affairs (2), Senior Administration (1), Office of the General Counsel (1), Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (1), Office of Mission & Values (1), DePaul Art Museum (1) and the President's Diversity Council (1).<br />
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Front row, left to right, Shajuan Young, Stephanie Halaska, Karen Tamburro, Francesca Royster, Scott Kelley, Marla Morgen. <br />
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Middle row, left to right, Ligia Barac (admin assistant, not actually on the council), Lawrence Hamer, Debbie Harris, Amira Proweller, Peggy Burke, Julie Widholm, Rico Tyler, Mark Moller, Laura Hartman<br />
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Back row, left to right, Abdul Malik Ryan, Jack Piazza, Marina Lozano-Corona, Megan Scoville, Jay Braatz, Scott Paeth, Jeff Carrion<br />
(DePaul University/Jamie Moncrief)