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Back row, left to right: Denise Mattson, Craig Mousin, Brian DeHart, Felix Masud-Piloto, Eugene Beiriger, Evita Evans, Daniel Koys, Thomas Donley, John Glatz, JoAnne Zielinski. Front row, left to right: Teresita Gomez, Martin Murphy, Rosalind Parham, Douglas Murphy, Guillemette Johnston, Clara Orban, Laura ? , Aminah Al-Deen, Fassil Demissie. Not pictured: Lawrence Arendt, Gregory Brewster, Catherine Clark, Jerry Cleland, Nancy Hill, Robert Lark, Susan Lueders, Bill Martin, Michael Naas, Jeffrey Setnes, Delores Shipp, Margaret Silliker, Ann Stanford. DePaul University colleagues who have reached their 25th anniversary are honored by inclusion in the "25" year club Friday Nov. 13, 2015. Honorees were invited to attend a celebratory luncheon hosted by the President at the Union League Club. Each honoree is given a token of the university's appreciation and furthermore, 25 year club members are honored by having their names added to public recognition plaques located on the Loop and Lincoln Park Campuses. (DePaul University/Jeff Carrion)